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The Food Safety & Regulatory Activity team in general, but in particular:
  • Ms Claire Humphries (Project Manager (08 - 09))
  • Ms Katy Day (Project Manager (09))
  • Dr Heather Haines (Project Manager (09))
  • Mr Ewen Hill (Quality Assurance Manager)
  • Mrs Margaret Fievez (Senior Business Analyst)
Project Reference Group:
  • Dr Nancy Millis AC (Emeritus Professor University of Melbourne)
  • Ms Marjorie Harvey (Director of Training Australian Food Hygiene Services)
  • Mr Todd Blake (CEO Restaurant & Catering Victoria)
  • Ms Naomi Drew (Health Projects Coordinator City of Melbourne)
  • Ms Ellie Mandritis (Health Officer City of Darebin)
  • Ms Jacky Hutchinson (Clubs Victoria)
The SumTotal ANZ/OmniAP online learning team:
  • Mr Brenden Carter (Courseware Solutions Manager)
  • Ms Gina Paolino (Project Manager and Lead Instructional Designer)
  • Mr Geordie Oxley (Lead Developer)
  • Mrs Natasha Ghai (Instructional Designer)
  • Mr Ashley Norriss (Multimedia Developer)
  • Ms Laura Bito (Graphic Designer)
  • Mr Rodney Beach (Relationship Manager)
Cybermynd Information Systems Consulting:

  • Mr Rob Brown (Managing Director)

Thank you to the City of Melbourne for providing the food handling specific images for this training program.

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