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Welcome How do I complete the course? What role does David play in this course?
Why Food Safety
Introduction What is food safety? Food handlers and the law What are food allergens? Your responsibilities Food recalls Activity time Conclusion
Food Contamination
Introduction What causes food contamination? Where do bacteria come from? Food poisoning symptoms How can you tell if food is safe? Who can get food poisoning? What is the risk? Temperature: the danger zone What is cross contamination? Preventing cross contamination Activity time Conclusion
Personal Hygiene
Introduction Personal hygiene The do’s of personal hygiene The don’ts of personal hygiene Washing your hands How to wash your hands Smoking and food handling Your health and the law Smoking and food handling Activity time Conclusion
Food Handling
Introduction Food handling Using gloves to handle food Defrosting frozen food Cooking food safely Cooling food safely Reheating food safely Monitoring food temperature Activity time Conclusion
Food Delivery Storage & Display
Introduction Receiving food deliveries Types of food storage The do’s and dont’s of food storage Ready-to-eat foods Self service Food transportation Activity time Conclusion
Cleaning and Sanitising
Introduction Why should you clean and sanitise? Receiving food deliveries What products should I use to clean and sanitise? The manual cleaning process How to use a dishwasher Handling rubbish Good cleaning practices Why are pests dangerous? Getting rid of pests Activity time Conclusion
Before you get started Introduction