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Reheating food safely

Food handling


To reheat food safely you need to:

  • reheat food in the oven or microwave until it reaches 75 °C or hotter in the centre
  • reheat and display food only once and throw it out if not eaten or sold - this will avoid the food being at temperatures that support the growth of harmful bacteria
  • if reheated food is displayed it must be kept at 60 °C  or hotter. 

Pie warmers and bain-maries

Pie warmers and bain-maries are used to hold hot food for display.

It is important to:

  • preheat the pie warmer or bain-marie before use
  • ensure the temperature of the hot-holding equipment is set at 60 °C or hotter to maintain temperature control
  • heat or reheat the food quickly to a temperature of at least 60 °C before being transferred to the hot-holding equipment
  • dispose of any reheated food left over at the end of the day.

It is unsafe to use the pie warmer or bain-marie to reheat the food as it takes too long and harmful bacteria will grow quickly.

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Reheating food correctly is important because it

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You have the right to reject the delivery if you find the food unsafe

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