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Do I have to complete all the topics before I do the assessment?

No. You will find it a lot easier to pass the assessment quiz if you’ve read through, and understood, each of the topics.

I got less than 27 answers correct on the quiz, will I still get a certificate?

No. To receive a certificate, you must score more than 90 per cent (27 questions, or more correct, out of 30).

Why didn’t I get my assessment certificate?

It takes only a minute or two for your certificate to arrive in your email box. If you got a score of 90 per cent or higher on the quiz, and submitted your name and email address and the certificate didn’t arrive, it could be:

  • in your email spam/junk folder
  • because your inbox is full
  • you typed in your email address incorrectly.

Check your 'Download' folder as a copy of your certificate should be there.

I can’t find my certificate; can you send me a duplicate?

Your details are not saved by our system, which means we can’t send you a duplicate certificate. Once you submit your name and email address for your certificate, your details are held just long enough to generate the certificate and email it to you.

Do you keep a record of my email address, name and assessment result?

No, we don’t keep any of your details once your certificate is generated and emailed to you.

Why do you ask me about my age and whether I already work in the food industry etc?

We collect this non-identifiable information to better understand who is using the program; this helps us target the information in DoFoodSafely to user needs.

Is DoFoodSafely an accredited program?

No. The Department of Health is not a registered training organisation.

What is the point of doing DoFoodSafely if it’s not an accredited training program?

In Australia, food handlers are required by law (under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code) to ‘take all reasonable measures not to compromise the safety and suitability of food’. The topics covered by DoFoodSafely provide you with essential components and principles required for safe food handling.

The Department of Health Victoria has specifically developed DoFoodSafely, supported by SA Health, Queensland Health, and Tasmania Health to assist people wishing to be employed in the food industry know and understand their obligations.

Will the ‘Certificate of completion’ really help me get a job as food handler?

Having a DoFoodSafely ‘Certificate of completion’ demonstrates to a food business owner that you understand the principles of food handling and food safety and demonstrates your commitment to entering the food industry. Many food businesses require employees have a DoFoodSafely ‘Certificate of completion’.

Is DoFoodSafely specifically for Victorians?

No. The food laws and regulations in Australia are national. Each state and territory are responsible for implementing the national laws and, while there are sometimes slight differences in their implementation, the overarching law is the same wherever you are in the country.

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