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Cleaning and sanitising


This topic will focus on cleaning and will also let you know about the importance of sanitising.

Cleaning and santising are not tasks that most of us enjoy doing but they are very important, along with other measures, to ensure food safety and prevention of food poisoning.

When you complete this topic you will be able to:


  • reasons for cleaning and sanitising
  • the correct use of dishwashers
  • why cleaning and sanitising is so important
  • how to correctly handle and dispose of rubbish
  • the do’s and don’ts of dealing with pests in the food preparation and handling areas.


  • the different ways to clean and sanitise
  • the steps involved in manually cleaning food preparation surfaces and equipment
  • some general cleaning practices.

There are 5 subject areas in this topic to complete. It includes practice questions to help you test your knowledge before the assessment.

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